Priestess Within Personal Mentoring Program with Kimberly Moore {SPRING SESSION}

Course Title: Priestess Within Spring Session Format:  Personal Mentoring with Phone and Email Contact Guides/Instructors: Kimberly Moore Investment:  $299 (See below for Payment Plans and Other Pricing) Registration: on Seeking Bliss Online Length:  3 month program Includes: Dedicated Private Course Space (see below) The Priestess Within Mentoring Program places you as a Sacred Celebrant […] Read more »

Manifest with the Moon – Free Online Course with Gail Jessen {OPEN}

Course Title: Manifest with the Moon Format:  Self Study – Join anytime Guide/Instructor: Gail Jessen Investment:  free Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess Length:  6 lessons – 6 days “She had a gypsy soul and a warrior spirit. She made no apologies for her wild heart. She left normal and regular to explore […] Read more »

Spring Sadhana – The Blessings of Ganesha {OPEN}

Course Title: Spring Sadhana – Release and Renew with the Blessings of Ganesha Format: Daily prompts and practices Guides/Instructors:  Brandi Auset & Kimberly Moore Investment:  $44 Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess Length: Begins March 8, 2017 with 33 days of daily prompts and practices Bonus: Welcome material immediately available & live teleconference […] Read more »

Tantric Goddess New Moon Rituals with Laura Amazzone {OPEN}

Course Event Title: Tantric Goddess New Moon Rituals Format: LIVE video ritual monthly (archive available after event) Guides/Instructors: Laura Amazzone Investment: $88 for the year – 12 rituals and study Registration: Reserve your space now Length: 1 – 1.5 hour video stream In various Shakta Tantric lineages, the Tantric Wisdom Goddesses reveal the inner […] Read more »

Transform – The Power of OYA with Brandi Auset

Course Title: Transform – The Power of OYA Format:  Begins 1/22/2017 (you may join anytime before or after) Guides/Instructors:  Priestess Brandi Auset Investment:  $25 Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess Length:  Every other day prompts to experience the Orisha Goddess OYA Honored in Yoruban, Afro-Carribean, and Divine Feminine traditions, the Orisha Goddess OYA is the Ruler […] Read more »

A Year of Divination and Feminine Magic with Runes with Renee Starr {OPEN}

Course Title: A Year of Divination and Feminine Magic with Runes Format:  Self Study – Join anytime Guides/Instructors: Renee Starr Investment:  $45 Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess Length:  2 lessons per month for 12 months The Runes are an ancient Nordic alphabet of 24 letters, or sigils that are used a form […] Read more »

The Creative Spirit Circle – Free Community with Molly Remer

Course Title: The Creative Spirit Circle Format:  Community with Resources Guides/Instructors:  Molly Remer Investment:  free Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess Length:  Ongoing The circle is gathering… We’re joining hands. Welcome to the Creative Spirit Circle! This is a gathering place for other creative spirits who enjoy ceremony, art, ritual, and sacred, […] Read more »

How to Use Moondalas and Moonwheels with Molly Remer

Course Title: How to Use Moondalas and Moonwheels Format:  Self Study – you may begin at anytime Guides/Instructors:  Molly Remer Investment:  $20 Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess Length:  Self-paced and Open Access – all lessons are available upon registration This class will teach you how to use circular moon calendars, also […] Read more »

Nourished Winter – Free Seasonal Course with Kimberly F. Moore

Course Title:  Nourished Winter Format:  Daily prompts and practices Guides/Instructors:  Kimberly F. Moore  Investment: free Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess Length:  22 days of prompts and practices – open through February 15, 2017 – Join Anytime! You are invited to step mindfully, joyfully into the winter season. Wrap yourself in the cozy, the […] Read more »

Living Wild Almanac with Renee Starr {OPEN}

Course Title: Living Wild Almanac  Format:  Self Study Guides/Instructors: Renee Starr Investment:  $15 Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess Length:  New Almanac Released Monthly BONUS: Free Mini Course if you sign up before 11/30/2016 (see below) Welcome to the Living Wild Monthly Almanac!   Sign up now to receive receive beautifully designed, […] Read more »