Mary Petiet – Instructor/Guide

Mary Petiet is a reporter, writer and story teller. Her work is frequently inspired by her native Cape Cod, where she covers the local farm beat for Edible Cape Cod magazine. Mary is the author of Minerva’s Owls (Homebound Publications, April 2017), a book remembering the divine feminine to reenvision the world. […] Read more »

Kimi Marin – Instructor/Guide

Kimi Marin, founder of Yogic Lore Flow, is a Portland-based yoga therapist, storyteller, and writer. Through yoga and myth she helps people find clarity in their mind, body and spirit. She guides students through their practice by riding the waves of breath, energetically aligning breath and body. Kimi has a […] Read more »

Sara Monserrat Teixido – Instructor/Guide

Meet Sara Monserrat Teixido of Monserrat Elements. A natural empath and nature lover, Sara is an artist, jeweler, amulet maker, cloud watcher, and rainbow chaser. Sara has been making her jewelry and amulet creations for nearly 30 years, bringing balance, love, joy, peace, and a sense of well-being to those […] Read more »

Audrey Alison – Guide/Instructor

Mastering the Art of the Tarot and the Science of Astrology enables me to provide strong, intuitive, astrological readings for clients globally and daily. I have over 25+ years of tarot reading experience, as well as an innate gift of mediumship, clairvoyance, clairaudience and claircognizant channeling. My purpose as an […] Read more »

Maura Torkildson – Guide/Instructor

Maura McCarley Torkildson is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, Author and Priestess of Silence (Sige). She received her MA in Women’s Spirituality from New College of California January 2000. Her first book The Curious Magic of Buckeye Groves was published in 2014 and her second book The Inner Tree will be […] Read more »

Eila Kundrie Carrico – Instructor

Eila Kundrie Carrico, MA, MFA is an initiated High Priestess and a published author. She has worked as an editor, teacher and writing coach for more than a decade all over the world. Eila’s writing has appeared in Elephant Journal, Rebelle Society, Yoga Journal Magazine, Earthlines Magazine, Holistic Parenting and […] Read more »

Gail Jessen – Instructor

Gail Jessen Modern Mystic. Creatrix. Adventurer. Inviting you to ignite your intuition. Awaken your sacred feminine wisdom. Reclaim your wild self. After being diagnosed with Hashimoto’s, an autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid + adrenals, I deconstructed my life. I unapologetically called my power back to me. I’d spent my […] Read more »

Mael Brigde – Guide/Instructor

Since the early 1980s, Mael Brigde has found endless spiritual wealth in the conflicting and complementary traditions surrounding Brigit. Among her greatest pleasures are walking with Brigit as a steady companion, and sharing her with others. In 1993 she founded the first interfaith Brigidine flame-tending group, the Daughters of the Flame, […] Read more »

Charlotte Elea – Guide/Instructor

Charlotte Eléa is an Intuitive Counselor and Self-Discovery Coach. She guides her clients toward developing their intuitive strengths and listening to their inner wisdom, and is passionate about facilitating inquiries, connections and discoveries that alchemize growth, healing and transformation. She offers sacred group circles and individual intuitive sessions, working from […] Read more »

Sandy Boucher – Guide/Instructor

Sandy Boucher, writer/teacher/consultant, participated wholeheartedly in the Women’s Liberation and antinuclear movements. Twenty-five years ago she entered upon a Buddhist path and soon became a spokesperson for Buddhist women in America, as well as a teacher and meditation retreat leader. In 2006, she was named an “Outstanding Woman in Buddhism” […] Read more »