Wake Up! Free Online Course for Morning Bliss Practices {OPEN}

Course Title: Wake Up! Morning Bliss Practices
Format:  Open Access – All content immediately accessible
Guides/Instructors: Kimberly Moore, Brandi Auset, Gail Jessen, Kimi Marin, Mary Petiet, Renee Starr, Sara Monserrat Teixido
Sponsored by: Seeking Bliss EveryDay
Investment:  FREE
Registration: on Seeking Bliss Online
Length:  self study – use the content as often as you like

Waking up this morning, I smile. 24 brand new hours are before me. I vow to live fully in each moment.” ~ Thich Nhat Hanh

You are invited to create, renew, infuse your mornings. We offer seven simple practices to inspire you and give you a sacred peek into the mornings of our featured practitioners, as well as tips to infuse your own.

Morning practices are the way that we can embrace renewal each and every day. No matter what has transpired in the hours before, we can hit reset, look at the world with fresh eyes, and meet the day with new intentions, prayers, and courage.

Seeking Bliss EveryDay is delighted to present Wake Up! 7 Morning Bliss Practices to inspire and invigorate your mornings.

Sign up is free and all seven practices are immediately accessible. Try one, two, or all seven! The content remains open for you to dip in again and again.

Included in the Morning Bliss Practices Free Course:

  • Welcome and Morning Bliss Playlist
  • Waking the Gods and Morning Prayer with Kimberly F. Moore
  • Morning Intuition and Divination with Gail Jessen
  • Peacocks and Poses with Mary Petiet
  • Morning Wake Up Yoga Sequence with Kimi Marin
  • Morning Self Care with Brandi Auset
  • The Hour of Self Love with Renee Starr
  • Crystal Grids Morning Meditation with Sara Monserrat Teixido

Allow how you wake to weave the mundane and the sacred. Through this commitment to morning mindfulness, we acknowledge and reflect the potential for our day.  By inviting the sacred, radical bliss becomes manifest in our lives. Good Morning!

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