Priestess Within Personal Mentoring Program with Kimberly Moore {SPRING SESSION}

Course Title: Priestess Within Spring Session
Format:  Personal Mentoring with Phone and Email Contact
Guides/Instructors: Kimberly Moore
Investment:  $299 (See below for Payment Plans and Other Pricing)
Registration: on Seeking Bliss Online
Length:  3 month program
Includes: Dedicated Private Course Space (see below)

The Priestess Within Mentoring Program places you as a Sacred Celebrant at the center of your life, as a Dedicated Practitioner mediating the ebb and flow of your personal rhythms and divine flow. Through intuitive sessions and custom journey work, we will work together to sync you with Goddess, craft powerful personal ritual and ceremony, and tap the well of wisdom of your Priestess Within.

This opportunity is for the woman who is seeking deeper insight into Goddess, radical knowing of self, and how directed ritual practice may bring a profound unfolding of her spiritual path.

The Priestess Within Series follows the seasons. We begin with Spring 2017 and from there progress to Summer, Autumn, and Winter sessions. You may take any or all of the sessions as each season has a different focus and is a complete program within itself. Payment options are listed below.

NOW IN SESSION: Priestess Within – Spring Rituals of Purification and Awakening

How Priestess Within works:

  • This program is limited to 10 places and scheduling preference is given according to date of registration.
  • As soon as you register, I will email you to set the date for our first call.
  • The Spring Session closes on April 30 or when 10 places have been filled.
  • Calls must be scheduled and completed within three months of registration date.

There is no pre-requisite or required experience for this program. It is for those who are newly discovering their spirituality, as well as those who have been on a path for many years.

I am delighted to bring over twenty years of experience as a Goddess Priestess and Community Leader to Priestess Within. I am excited to work with you and Goddess to create magic! Blessings! Please email me with any questions.

Included with your Registration:

  • Personal Priestess Mentoring: THREE Clarity Sessions (Initial 60 min and two 30 min check-ins) with Kimberly via phone/teleconference line to include recordings of each session (international numbers available), plus email and Facebook contact weekly
  • Customized private course where all of your information is uploaded and accessible
  • Goddess reading to identify three Goddesses supporting you in this season
  • For each of your Guiding Goddesses, I will include: Myth and HerStory with power words, prayers, meditation, chants, and music, as well as modern ways to welcome this Goddess energy into your life
  • Altar image of your primary Guiding Goddess for download
  • Suggested daily ceremony, ways to connect, and correspondences (colors, crystals, offerings, etc.) for your Goddesses
  • Mystical journeywork and prompts for your personal journal and meditation practice
  • Notes for Moon Cycles and Astrology up to Summer Solstice
  • Ritual craft to create 2 rituals for you personally – one for Purification and one for Awakening – based on your intentions, our clarity sessions, and your Goddesses

Payment Options 

Register for Spring ONLY $299

Payment plans are available for individual sessions:

2 payments of $156 (Final ritual and call are delivered after final payment is made)


3 payments of $108 (Final ritual and call are delivered after final payment is made)


Purchase Spring and Summer at the same time for a discount: $550 (savings of $48)

Bonus: Receive an extra 60 minute Clarity Session to be used anytime or gifted to a friend!


Purchase all 4 sessions, Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter for a substantial discount: $1008.00 (savings of $188)

Bonus: Receive an extra 60 minute Clarity Session to be used anytime or gifted to a friend!

Goddess Ritual Kits are also available for an additional charge.

**Please note that the investment for this program is not refundable.

UPCOMING SESSIONS – Included with Annual Payment

Priestess Within – Summer Rituals of Fire and Light

Priestess Within – Autumn Rituals of Remembrance: Ancestors and The Akashic

Priestess Within – Earth Rituals of Silence and Knowing (Winter Session)

Coming in 2018: Priestess Training Circle

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