Embodying Your Intuition – Part 1 of the Inner Tree Courses with Maura Torkildson {OPEN}

Course Title: Embodying Your Intuition – Part 1 of 3 of the Inner Tree Courses 
Format: Moderated self-paced study
Guides/Instructors:  Maura Torkildson
Investment:  $109.97 for Part 1
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  1 month
Note: Also available as a bundle with all three courses AND private coaching with Maura 

Do you sometimes feel like your intuition is broken, or that you are not as gifted as others?

Do you compare your intuition against cultural myths about intuition or to other women in your life and in the media?

This unique course is designed to move you beyond all the myths and help you access your unique gifts.  It presents solid practices for  developing YOUR intuitive process. This course sets the ground for deepening your intuitive awareness and includes four powerful lessons which cover the following:

  • Exploring the mythological tree as a map for consciousness
  • Cultivating your awareness through meditation and daily practices
  • Expanding your awareness through incubation ans noticing what lies between on the borders
  • Crafting your own practices to cultivate your awareness

This is the first class in a series called the Inner Tree Courses.  We highly recommend you take these classes in order to get the most out of them, starting with this class. After you complete this one (which is a prerequisite) move on to Embodying Emotions for Intuitive Enhancement and then to Managing Fear and Ego for Intuitive Mastery.

These first three courses will set the groundwork for upcoming courses which dive deeper into developing your intuitive skills. Because it is vital to clear the things which get in the way of a deeper relationship with your intuition, each course is a prerequisite for the next. They are designed to guide you to build a healthy relationship with your emotional body, learn how to work with your fear, and develop discernment around your ego  so your intuition can become the reliable trustworthy guide it was always meant to be.

A Playbook is included to deepen your awareness and track your progress.

Also included: You can also upgrade (pro-rated) to our package offering which includes all three courses, the complete playbook and 1:1 coaching sessions with Maura after the completion of each module (3 total). It also includes access to a private Facebook Page, including weekly recorded meditation calls and card readings.

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