Tantric Goddess New Moon Rituals with Laura Amazzone {OPEN}

Course Event Title: Tantric Goddess New Moon Rituals
Format: LIVE video ritual monthly (archive available after event)
Guides/Instructors: Laura Amazzone
Investment: $88 for the year – 12 rituals and study
Registration: Reserve your space now
Length: 1 – 1.5 hour video stream

In various Shakta Tantric lineages, the Tantric Wisdom Goddesses reveal the inner workings of the psyche and universe beyond the maya of appearances. They hold the paradoxes of life and death within their mysteries. Each of these goddesses is a portal into different aspects of Consciousness as well as the full expression of cosmic wisdom and the cyclical nature of existence.

The Tantric Wisdom Goddesses are usually depicted as a group of ten independent and wild Goddesses. While ten are most commonly worshiped, there are others that sometimes come into the fold either replacing one of the usual ten or increasing the number to 12. In these New Moon Rituals we will explore the fields of Consciousness that these 11 Tantric Wisdom Goddesses represent and experience how they are expressed and embodied in our own and others’ lives.

Archives area available after the ritual for you to watch anytime. 

February 26 – Tara- Goddess of Ultimate Knowledge, Unmanifest Sound & the Creative, Destructive, and Protective Powers of Speech

March 27 – Shodashi/Tripurasundari-Goddess of Beauty, Bliss & Desire

April 26 – Matangi-Goddess of Sexuality, Speech, Discriminating Wisdom & Creativity

May 25 – Bhuvaneshwari- Goddess of Cosmic Space, Divine Embodiment & Love

 June 24 – Chinnamasta– Goddess of Sacrifice & Power

July 24 – Annapurna-Goddess of Wholeness

August 21 – Bagalamukhi-Goddess of Stillness, Reversals, & Breaking Free from our Illusions

 September 20 – Durga-Goddess of Strength & Courage

October 19 – Kamala-Goddess of Abundance, Blossoming, & Love

 November 19 – Bhairavi-Goddess of the Flames of Spiritual Transformation & the Powers Behind Destruction

December 18 – Akhilandeshwari-Goddess of Never Not Brokenness

Ritual Course Includes:

  • Tantric Goddess Directions Invocation
  • Mantras and Visualizations within the Ritual for each Goddess
  • Image of each Goddess
  • Yantra of each Goddess
  • Resources for further study of each Goddess
  • Suggested Materials for each Ritual


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Further Resources

Tantric Wisdom Goddess Divination phone or Skype reading with Laura $33 for 15 minutes

Contact me via shaktayogini@yahoo.com to inquire about registration and the discount for any of these offerings.

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