Sacred and Wise – Free Course on Nurturing Intuition with Charlotte Elea {OPEN}

Course Title: Sacred and Wise – A Free Course on Nurturing Intuition
Format:  Open Access – all info immediately available
Guides/Instructors:  Charlotte Elea
Investment:  free
Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  Complete at your pace

You are wise and the wisdom you hold is sacred and clear.  In fact, you hold deep within you all the answers you seek.

Your intuition is always speaking to you, offering you guidance from your Highest Self. But most of us have learned a million and a half ways to shut down this inner voice. We focus on thinking an issue through, and doing what we are taught and advised by others. We live in a culture that praises what our rational brain believes, and discredits what our intuition knows.

And so, if you’re not sure where to start when it comes to finding that inner guiding voice that lives within your soul, you are not alone.

Now more than ever, we are all searching for that inner voice. Our intuition is calling out to us like never before to begin listening and journeying inward. Collectively, we are ready to embody the power of our own truths, and rise to the challenge of living our lives more authentically, more fully, more courageously.

Nurturing your intuition is the way inward towards accessing this deep well of inner wisdom. So that you may make choices that are in alignment with your soul’s calling. So that you may reach and grow towards your highest potential. So that you may know that to heal and transform is to listen and surrender.

In this free course, I offer you five videos with five techniques that will get you in touch with your intuition immediately. Yes, I mean that literally–immediately.  Your intuition is not as far away as you may think. And with a few simple invitations, the door will open and the insights and messages will begin to come through.


  • Explore five fun and easy techniques to get you immediately in touch with your intuition.
  • Practice a technique to activate your intuition through your imagination.
  • Learn two exercises that will profide you with deep and personal insights through your oracle deck.
  • Gain an understanding of why dreams are important and learn how to call forth meaningful dream messages.
  • Discover the hidden messages of sacred symbols in your environment.
  • Listen to the intuitive messages your body is carrying and holding.
  • Find out opportunities to continue working with your intuition and gain deeper insight past this course.


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