Awaken with Gail Jessen {OPEN}

Course Title: Awaken
Format:  Self Study – Join anytime
Guide/Instructor: Gail Jessen
Investment:  $55.55
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  7 lessons for 14 days

What would you do differently if you weren’t afraid?

How will your life change when you are fully and unapologetically…you?

I designed AWAKEN with you in mind. I know you have big dreams and beautiful goals. I also know you’re sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. You’re feeling a bit stuck and you’re afraid of what you might find when you dig deep. You, love, are exactly why I created this course.

Because you want to release everything holding you back.

Because you want to finally forgive yourself. For all of it.

Because you want to live in total alignment with your core self.

Because you know it’s time.

AWAKEN Course Outline

This 7 module, 14 day course digs deep to release your pain points. You have lifetime access to all course materials, including membership in a private Facebook community for ongoing support and feedback (I look forward to getting to know you). Once you register, you’ll receive one session every other day delivered to your inbox.

Session #1:  Tune into your misalignment.

Session #2:  Get specific about your misalignment.

Session #3:  Misalignments manifest in your body.

Session #4:  Forgiveness is everything.

Session #5:  Release Fear. Choose love.

Session #6:  Experiment with joy.

Session #7:  Introduction to Core Desired Feelings

Always available to you:  Lifetime access to all course materials + our private Facebook group

A love note about pricing

$55.55  —  The very act of purchasing the AWAKEN course activates a new growth cycle for you. Angel Number 5 calls in the power of personal freedom, major life changes, life lessons learned through experience, courage, motivation, transformation, and adventure.

The repeating 5555 sequence is a wink from our loving Universe that your life is about to go through major changes that align you to your authentic truth. The numbers in the price were intentionally selected to support the course content.

You are so loved and supported.

Stay wild,

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