Light Your Fire! Courses for Imbolc and February Goddesses

Blessings of Imbolc and February!

While Spring Equinox marks the official start of Spring, there is another festival that marks the unofficial “stirrings” of Spring called Imbolc (celebrated February 1-2). It is the quickening of the Goddess as she prepares to cast off Winter and prepare for renewal. Think of a seed deep within Gaia, the promise of new growth. This is the time when those seeds are preparing to burst and eventually bloom into the fertility of Spring. The light grows as well, pulling us steadily out of the darkness of winter. We know Spring is coming even as we remain deep in the womb of Goddess.

Dr. Susan Harper is offering a course to learn more about the Pagan traditions of Imbolc – Inspiring Imbolc.

Interestingly, Imbolc, February 1-2, coincides with several Goddess Feast Days that mark this sacred time of nurturing and inspiration.

Brigid’s Day, the celebration of the Irish Goddess Brigid, is not only an ancient festival, but still celebrated in Ireland. It begins on Brigid’s Eve (January 31) with bonfires lit to represent the inspiration and fire of the Goddess.
Mystery School of the Goddess is delighted to have several instructors and Priestesses that work closely with the Goddess Brigid and offer courses that will enhance and elevate your relationship with this Goddess:

Weaving the Protection of Brighid with Jude Lally

Discovering Brigit – Goddess and Saint with Mael Brigde

Stepping into Brigit – A 30 Day Goddess Activation with Mael Brigde

Fire Magic of the Goddess with Renee Starr (includes Fire Magic Spellbox and Imbolc/Brigid bonus content)

The promise of Spring, the quickening, and the fire of Goddess also inspires other Goddess festivals.

February 2 is the Feast Day of the Orisha Goddess OYA, as well as her Saint, Candelaria. We did a teleconference on this powerful Warrior Goddess in the Goddess Full Moon Group for January (archive available). Connect and explore further with OYA through these offerings:
Transform – The Power of OYA by Brandi Auset

Orisha Goddesses with Kimberly Moore

February 1 is the celebration of Vasant Panchami this year, also know as Saraswati Puja. Vasant Panchami is the first Spring festival in the Hindu year and culminates in 40 days with the celebration of Holi. This early Spring festival is also recognized as the Goddess Saraswati’s Birthday!

Saraswati Sadhana – A 40 Day Journey to Invite Wisdom, Creativity, & Truth with Kimberly Moore starts 2/1/17.

This season is a wonderful time to sync with the inspiration of Goddess and start a new course of study. Think of it as your own personal quickening and an opportunity to nurture the seeds within you.

I hope this email finds you well, ready to light your firres, and thinking about renewal and growth!

Spring is coming!

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