Winter Offerings for Online Study and Community

Happy Winter Solstice and Blessings for all of the holidays that you celebrate!

Here at Mystery School of the Goddess, we are celebrating winter, the Winter Goddesses, and a return of light for the Solstice. It is the cusp of the new calendar year and times perfectly with the small but mighty rise of the sun in the sky after Winter Solstice. While the cosmos are doing their light-filled dance, we are settling in for Winter according to our placement on this beautiful Earth.

Remember as you enter this season …

The Winter Crones and Goddesses stand behind us, sparking us with their Ancestral Wisdom and knowledge that even in the darkest times, the cycle inevitably progresses to the return of light. There is an invitation to deep reflection and even a call for solitude at this time of year.

Goddess understands all and gives us permission to lull (even for a moment) into the comforting bosom of the Grandmothers. They are feeding the fires, singing our souls home, and giving us the strength to keep the faith in what seems like all-encompassing darkness. Nourish yourself at their tables, their fires, and remember that we are never alone.

From the Tundra, the Warrioresses of the North give us the tools and courage to undergo metamorphosis, shamanic death, and to be reborn again and again. They stand vigil, ready for the ultimate sacrifices of the past year. What do you need to shed and leave to the harsh energies of the tundra? Carefully review the past months and begin to plan for what is coming, sifting through experience and emotion to decide what to take into your being, your life as the year turns.

Mystery School of the Goddess and our instructors are delighted to bring you warmth, nourishment, and bliss to sustain you through the winter.

Our courses make wonderful holiday, New Year, and Yule gifts! Stay tuned for some amazing offerings coming in 2017!

PLEASE NOTE: We have some changes occurring with Mystery School of the Goddess in 2017. Our online platform will be changing its URL to This site will remain the same and Mystery School of the Goddess will remain a vital school under the new Seeking Bliss umbrella. Our offerings will be expanding into areas of wellness, nutrition, business, and more. We are thrilled and crossing fingers that this will be achieved seamlessly. Emails will be sent out after the holidays so keep an eye out as we expand into 2017! THANK YOU!

Celebrate the holidays, enjoy the glitter, laugh loud and often, eat LOTS!

Wishing you all the Blessings of Winter!
Kimberly Moore
Founder & Priestess
Mystery School of the Goddess
MotherHouse of the Goddess
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Courses Closing Soon

52 Goddesses with Kimberly Moore – closing 12/31/2016 (will not be offered again in this format)

Birthing the Christ Within – Authentic Freedom Online Christmas Service  – closing 12/26/16

Goddess Connections with Tara Reynolds – closing 12/31/16

Joyful Yule with Susan Harper

Winter Solstice Ritual with Renee Starr – closing 12/25/2016

Year of Sacred Living with Kimberly Moore – registration closes 12/31/2016

Courses to Start the New Year

Authentic Freedom Weekly with Lauri Ann Lumby

A Year of Goddess with Brandi Auset

A Year of Sacred Living with Kimberly Moore

Calamoondala 2017 with Molly Remer

Goddess EveryDay with Brandi Auset and Kimberly Moore

Living Wild Monthly Almanac with Renee Starr (January Issue releases 12/20/16)

Nourished Winter with Kimberly Moore

Priestessing 1 – Essentials for Personal Ritual with Anne Key

Tarot Insight with Charlotte Elea

Syncing with the Season

Discovering Brigit – Goddess and Saint with Mael Brigde

How to Use Moondalas and Moonwheels with Molly Remer

Meeting the Dark Goddess with Brandi Auset and Kimberly Moore

Priestessing 1 – Essentials of Personal Ritual with Anne Key

Stepping into Brigid – Goddess Activation Course with Mael Brigde

The Creative Spirit Circle Community with Molly Remer

Transform with the Tarot – Shadow Work, Healing, and Letting Go with Charlotte Elea

Weaving the Protection of Brighid with Jude Lally

Women Who Write with the Moon – Lunar Creativity with Renee Starr

More Courses Recently Added

A Year of Goddess with Brandi Auset

Book of Life Divination Practice with Lauri Ann Lumby

Letting Go – An Activation with Tarot (3 mini courses in 1) with Charlotte Elea

Sacred Scent and the Art of Anointing with Tara Reynolds

The Wild Witch – A Course in Magical Plant Spirit Herbalism Self Study with Renee Starr

Trinket Oracle Beginner’s Guide with Molly Remer

Women Who Write with the Moon – Lunar Creativity with Renee Starr



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