The Creative Spirit Circle – Free Community with Molly Remer

Course Title: The Creative Spirit Circle
Format:  Community with Resources
Guides/Instructors:  Molly Remer
Investment:  free
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  Ongoing

The circle is gathering…

We’re joining hands.

Welcome to the Creative Spirit Circle! This is a gathering place for other creative spirits who enjoy ceremony, art, ritual, and sacred, intentional, mindful living. Our initial contact with many of you is through our own goddess art in our etsy shop and our ceremony classes and blog posts at Brigid’s Grove and/or through our companion Facebook group. This online circle space is intended to gather all of our resources and offerings together into one sacred space, easy to navigate and to return to again and again.

This is not a specifically pagan group, but a multifaith one. Some openness to goddess spirituality/women’s spirituality is assumed, but we understand that there are many paths to walk.

This Circle offers a free weekly ritual as well as many other resources, rituals, ceremony suggestions, goddess guidance, art, and inspiration.

Brigid’s Grove is your source for original goddess sculptures, goddess jewelry, sacred adornment, Womanrunes sets, priestess resources, ceremony kits and supplies, birth altar figurines, earth-based cycle celebration, Red Tent and women’s circle resources, blessingway gifts, and publications and workshops for intentional, creative, spiritual living. We are committed to ceremonially and meaningfully honoring life passages and transitions. We share beliefs in the importance of sharing our stories, that experiences matter, that pivotal life moments are worthy of respect, and the power of meaningful ceremony to honor our unique journeys and rites of passage.

If you want to engage with a creative community, and to ask questions or share ideas about goddess spirituality, women’s circles, seasonal rituals, mother blessings, women’s ceremonies, or life cycle ceremonies in a safe space, feel free to join! You will also be the first to know about new classes, books, and projects and will get sneak peeks of new sculpture designs and special bonuses not available to the general public.

Welcome to the Circle! We’re so glad you’re here!

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