Trinket Oracle Beginner’s Guide with Molly Remer {OPEN}

Course Title: Trinket Oracle
Format:  Self Study – you may begin at anytime
Guides/Instructors:  Molly Remer
Investment:  $20
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  Self-paced and Open Access – all lessons are available upon registration

A Trinket Oracle is the name we’ve created to use for the system and process of divination using small items (trinkets) either cast over a casting grid, or chosen at random as a divination or oracle tool. This is similar to bonecasting, charmcasting, or using a “Magpie Oracle” (created by Carrie Paris).

A Trinket Oracle is a unique oracle that you co-create with your inner wisdom and with the magical and spiritual guidance around you. There is no wrong way. This class will get you started with the basics of trinket casting and creating your own personal oracle system.


We also have a companion Trinket Oracle starter kit in our etsy shop.

In this class you will:

  • Collect trinkets for your personal oracle
  • Develop your own interpretations for your system
  • Learn how to use your Trinkets with Womanrunes
  • Receive printable casting templates to use for yourself or with others
  • Have fun as you trust your intuition and experiment with your personal wisdom!


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