Letting Go – An Activation with the Tarot with Charlotte Elea {OPEN}

Course Title: Letting Go – An Activation with the Tarot
Format:  Moderated Self Study – sign up anytime
Guides/Instructors:  Charlotte Elea
Investment:  $25
Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  10 days

You are invited on a journey to surrender to your greater purpose and let go of what no longer serves you. The process of release requires heartfelt acceptance, soulful commitment and conscious aligned action. During this course, you’ll invite the universal cycles of the earth’s energy to activate your own cycles of change and powers of renewal.

You’ll complete two rituals that ignite the magic of the Tarot: On the first day, a ritual with The Hanged One will activate acceptance to change and sacrifice; on the second day, a ritual with Judgment will nurture strength and courage towards committing to conscious aligned action. Beginning on the third day, and for the next seven days, you’ll draw a Tarot card and complete an aligned action that will help you follow through on your intention, so that you may once and for all release your burdens and let go of what holds you back from reaching your divine potential.

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  • Lessons, direct messages and affirmations from the Archetypal Guides of the Tarot on Release: The Hanged One and Judgment.
  • Intention setting rituals to direct your soul towards acceptance, release and conscious aligned action.
  • Powerful recorded guided meditations that will connect you with the universal cycles of change, and your internal source of strength and courage.
  • Prompts for drawing Tarot cards to activate the process of Surrender and Release.
  • Intuitive Writing Exercises to gain personal meaning, connection and reflection on Tarot activations and discoveries.
  • Closing rituals to carry forth your activations into manifestation.
  • A week’s worth of Tarot discoveries and aligned actions to provide guidance and following through on the release process.


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