Enchanted – The Magick of the Orisha Goddess Oshun with Brandi Auset (Starts 10/1/16}

Course Title: The Magick of Oshun
Format:  Self Study
Guides/Instructors:  Priestess Brandi Auset
Investment:  $25
Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  Every other day prompts to experience the Goddess Oshun

Honored in Yoruban, Santeria, and Divine Feminine traditions, the Orisha Goddess OSHUN is the energy of joy, pleasure, and sensuality. Patroness of women and witches, Oshun represents the sweet waters: the sacred flow which creates  laughter and magick in our lives and hearts.

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This month long workshop is designed to connect you with the sensual, joyful nature of the Orisha Goddess Oshun. Every other day you will receive a discussion of Oshun’s influence, and an inspiring prompt/activity to unite your energy with the blessings of the Honey Goddess.



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