Shadow Work with the Tarot with Charlotte Elea {OPEN}

Course Title: Shadow Work with the Tarot
Format:  Moderated Self Study – sign up anytime
Guides/Instructors:  Charlotte Elea
Investment:  $20
Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  3 days of prompts

You are invited to embark on a 3-day journey of deep personal and spiritual growth, into the Shadowy depths of your psyche to bring forth the hidden aspects of yourself that are ready for healing and wholeness. In this course, you’ll complete a personal ritual and journey into the Shadow realm. Using Tarot, guided meditation and intuitive writing, and with your soul to guide you, you’ll connect with your Shadow through courage, love and acceptance. On the first day, to prepare for the journey you will guided by lessons, writing prompts and affirmations  from two Archetypal Guides of the Major Arcana: The Moon and The Devil. And in the days following your journey, you will continue to use Tarot to gain further insight into your discoveries.



  • Lessons, exploratory writing prompts and affirmations to learn from the Archetypal Guides of the Shadow realm
  • Intention setting ritual to direct your soul through the Shadow realm
  • Powerful recorded guided meditation to bring you deep into the Shadow realm
  • Prompts for drawing Tarot cards about your Shadow
  • Intuitive Writing Exercises to gain personal meaning and reflection on Shadow discoveries through Tarot
  • Closing ritual to exit the Shadow realm
  • Follow up Tarot spreads for further insight into personal Shadow discoveries

Shadow Work with the Tarot with Charlotte Elea Mystery School of the Goddess promo

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