Writing the Wild Heart with Brandi Auset {OPEN}

Course Title: Writing the Wild Heart – a Month of Expressive Journaling
Format:  Self Study – One month with prompts
Guides/Instructors:  Priestess Brandi Auset
Investment:  $19
Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess

If you let your heart speak without boundaries, what would it say?

There is a longing within each one of us to live a life of wholeness and beauty, a life bonded to sacredness and passion. An existence where our innermost self is expressed fully, without restraint. A space where our hearts are allowed to run free, and love with abandon.

Within the openness of journal writing, you can move beyond the confines of daily life and tap into the creativity, healing, and inspiration you’ve been searching for.

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In this month long writing workshop, you are invited to shift into the loving wildness of your spirit. Every other day you will receive an intuitive and practical prompt; questions designed to stimulate your passions and voice your truth.  We will dive deep into our self-imposed restrictions, and liberate the wild woman chained within.

Allow your wild heart the freedom to speak. Let your words guide you to the truth of your desires. Learn exactly what you need to wholly live your untamed self, without shame or regret.

Tell your stories, and rediscover your Self.


Writing the Wild Heart with Brandi Auset Mystery School of the Goddess

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