The Daily Tarot – Mini Course with Charlotte Elea {OPEN}

Course Title: The Daily Tarot Mini Course
Format:  Open Access – all info immediately available
Guides/Instructors:  Charlotte Elea
Investment:  $20
Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  Complete at your pace

The cards of the Tarot tell a universal story of humanity throughout time and space. The lessons of the cards tap into the deep emotional and energetic forces within us. They tell of what it takes and what we will encounter when we begin a journey of our souls, of the many challenges that may trip us up along the way, of the potential to learn more about ourselves than we ever thought possible, and of how we can find and live out our higher purpose and unique place in this world.

But what’s most special about Tarot is what you bring to it. Reading Tarot cards for yourself is a wonderful daily meditation practice. It helps you gain focus, reflection and intention over your daily life. In this course you’ll learn how to develop the intuitive to skills to reach the cards’ messages for you, how to form your own relationship with the Tarot that will guide you through a journey of personal growth, discovery and transformation, and the steps necessary to develop your own daily Tarot practice for deep reflection.



  • Learn how to set up a daily practice for drawing Tarot cards for intuitive insight.
  • Receive a downloadable worksheet with intuitive inquiries and writing exercises for your daily Tarot card pulls.
  • Develop personal card meanings and a personal relationship with your Tarot deck.
  • Get tips on picking out your Tarot deck, breaking it in, and gaining the most out of your readings.

Daily Tarot Mini Course with Charlotte Elea on Mystery School of the Goddess


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  1. Nan Vollbracht says:

    How Many days is this course?

    • Kimberly Moore - Priestess & Founder says:

      HI Nan – it is open access so all of the content is open for you to pace yourself. There are seven lessons with multiple activities under each. THANK YOU!

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