Tarot Insight – 12 Weeks of Soul Activation with Charlotte Elea {OPEN}

Course Title: Tarot Insight – 12 Weeks of Soul Activation with Charlotte Elea
Format:  Moderated Self Study – sign up anytime
Guides/Instructors:  Charlotte Elea
Investment:  $47
Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  12 weeks with weekly themes, meditations, and activities

Discover within you, the hidden and mysterious realms of your psyche where the deepest healing and the most profound insights reside. Bring forth the shadow parts of you and welcome them into the light. Utilizing the subtle, yet powerful, activating effect of the Tarot, you will be guided upon a journey of self-love, self-insight, and deeper understanding of your nature, while learning to accept, nurture and unite the parts of you that are waiting for healing and wholeness.

You’ll receive 12 weeks of powerful soul-activation meditations with guides from the Major Arcana of the tarot, prompts and journaling exercises to use with your own Tarot cards, and soul-healing mantras. Each prompt and each card helps to reveals a secret, hidden aspect of your personality, and a special message from your soul.



  • Work with The Archetypal Guides of the Tarot for wisdom.
  • Learn the art and practice of drawing tarot cards.
  • Discover the meaning and personal significance of the cards specifically for you.
  • Reveal dormant possibilities for personal growth and transformation through intuitive inquiry.
  • Receive special Tarot mantras and meditations for healing, self-acceptance and spiritual connection to the cards, yourself and your life.


1. THE EMPRESS: Grounding Yourself in Love

2. THE MOON: Lifting the Veil to Your Hidden Self

3. THE DEVIL: Reclaiming Your Shadow

4. STRENGTH: Embracing Your Own Oppositions

5. THE MAGICIAN: Listening to Your Inner Child

6. THE WHEEL OF FORTUNE: Coping with Reality

7. THE CHARIOT: Honoring Your Potential

8. TEMPERANCE: Learning Alchemy

9. THE HANGED MAN: Releasing What No Longer Serves You

10.THE STAR: Forgiving Yourself

11. JUDGMENT: Calling in Your Power

12. THE SUN: Shining Your Brightness

Tarot Insights - 12 Weeks of Soul Activation with Charlotte Elea on Mystery School of the Goddess


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