Plant Magic of the Moon with Renee Starr {OPEN}

Course Title: Plant Magic of the Moon
Format:  Self Study
Guides/Instructors: Renee Starr
Investment:  $20 
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  Self study – complete at your own pace

The plant world in general is strongly under the influence of the moon, as it is thought that most plants do their growing during the night. During the dark, evening hours plants are deeply nourished by the soft, diffused sunlight that is reflected by the moon and by the refreshing evening dew that forms when the warmth of the earth meets with the cool night air.
The art of Magical Plant Spirit Herbalism is rich with correspondences and associations to the planets, the sun…and the moon. These plant associations can be incorporated into lunar spells, invocations, prayers, meditations and other moon magical rituals.
Sign up for Mystery School of the GoddessExplore the lunar qualities of increasing, decreasing and stillness for powerful inner focus while practicing meditation, healing, and prayer…and how to travel deep into the shadow of the psyche with scent.
You’ll meet with some of my favorite plants that are associated with the moon, and learn to craft potent lunar anointing oils for divination, dreaming and intuition when you enroll in this lovely min-course…which is a prelude to the 9 Month WILD WITCH magical plant spirit herbalism course.
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  1. Johanna says:

    Hi! Does this course start right away when I enroll myself to it?

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