Love Magic Spells of the Goddess with Renee Starr {OPEN}

Course Title: Love Magic of the Goddess
Format:  Self Study – available as of February 14
Guides/Instructors: Renee Starr
Investment:  $20 
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  Self Study

Celebrate this month of love with Venus, Aphrodite, Parvati, Asarte, Ishtar, Cliodhna, Chuang Mu, Hathor, Bastet and Freya…and all of the herbs, oils, resins and rituals to invoke their power and essence. You’ll learn to make love potions, elixirs, anointing oils and incense to increase passion, and elevate your romantic, sexy love to sacred, divine love.

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From the moment women learned to work with herbs and oils to attract lovers, scent their bodies and call upon the goddesses of passion, sex and romance…love magic was born.

In this course you’ll call upon several powerful goddesses of love, and use the associated herbs, oils, resins, roots and blooms to handcraft elixirs, enchantments, incense and anointing blends for many the aspects of love, passion, sex and pleasure.

You’ll be guided to deepen your passion, your self-love, and to elevate the vibration of your heart so that it shines like a beacon to attract the beloved who is meant just for you, or deepen the loving relationship that you are  already in.


Love Magic Spells of the Goddess with Renee Starr Mystery School of the Goddess

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