Invoking the Love Goddesses with Priestess Brandi Auset {OPEN}

Course Title: Invoking the Love Goddesses
Format:  Self-Paced – you may begin at anytime
Guides/Instructors:  Priestess Brandi Auset
Investment:  $30
Registration: registration on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  30 days of prompts and practices

“Wherever you are, and whatever you do, be in love.” ― Rumi

Love is a universal experience, the one true energy that connects all of humanity.  It is the force that moves us to truly live, to indulge in luscious adventures and create beloved connections, no matter our race, age, or circumstances.

Whether you identify as the Nurturing Mother, the Divine Playmate, the Devoted Wife, or the Universal Guardian, love is the unconditional power that nourishes and feeds our souls, and allows us to experience joy and intimacy with ourselves and others.

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In this 30 day workshop, the Love Goddesses gather together to speak into and through your heart with poetry, prayers, and mantras. Each day includes a simple activity to infuse the nectar of love into your soul, opening your mind, body, and spirit to the ecstasy of devotional practice. By tapping into the nourishing and sensual energy of the Divine Feminine on a daily basis, we reconnect and awaken our hearts to bliss and creativity. All that is needed is your willingness to pause for a brief moment, and breathe into sacred pleasure.

This 30 day workshop is self paced, and designed for both beginning and advanced Goddess seekers.

This course is only open through February 2017 – Sign up now!

Invoking the Love Goddesses Brandi Auset Mystery School of the Goddess

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