The Mysteries of the Yoginis with Laura Amazzone {OPEN}

Event Title: The Mysteries of the Yoginis
Format: Self Study and Moderated by Laura
Guides/Instructors: Laura Amazzone
Investment: $245
Registration: register on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length: 8 weeks may be completed at your pace

Mysteries of the Yoginis Mystery School of the GoddessIn South Asia, the Yogini has multiple functions and manifestations. She is a living Goddess, a yogic and tantric practitioner, devotee and attendant of Goddess, and a female practitioner with magical powers (siddhis). She also takes various esoteric forms such as residing over the 6 chakras or energy centers in the human body.

This 8 week or 8 month go at your own pace course explores the origins of the Yoginis, as well as their emanations, iconography, temples, and powers. We will consider the roles of the Yoginis in ritual mysteries and sacred practices as described in Shakta and other Puranic and Tantric texts. We will study several of the temple sites of the Yoginis in India and the significance of their iconography. We will also look at the ritual acts of devotion to the Yogini through poetry, dance, and the arts.

If you teach and/or practice yoga and if you consider yourself a Yogini, then this course is for you. It is the most comprehensive course available on the Mysteries of the Yoginis from the middle ages until today.


There are 8 lessons in the Mysteries of the Yogini  course that can be completed in as much time as you need–if you want to space them out over 8 weeks or 8 months; however fits your schedule. Once you register for the course, you will have access to the course  for one year.  Each lesson has 3-5 activities to complete including guided visualizations, audio or video content, film clips, and visual presentations and lectures by Laura.  You can expect to spent 45 minutes to two hours on each lesson.

Here are the 8 lessons:

Lesson 1: Intro to the Yogini Chakras (Circles) and Tantra
Lesson 2: Temples of the Yoginis
Lesson 3: Who are the Yoginis
Lesson 4: The Yogini in Tantric Texts & the Role of Women in Tantric Circles
Lesson 5: Yoginis in the Puranas
Lesson 6: Yogini Ritual Acts of Devotion
Lesson 7: The Yoginis in the Chakras
Lesson 8: Yoginis Within

Mysteries of the Yoginis Self Paced eCourse with Laura Amazzone Mystery School of the Goddess


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  1. This course looks AMAZING

    • Kimberly Moore - Priestess & Founder says:

      Everything that Laura does is AMAZING 🙂 – to get an idea of how she teaches, join her for the New Moon Live Video Ritual!

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