Energy Clearing Course with Sylvia Brallier {OPEN}

Course Title: Energy Clearing Course
Format:  Self Study released over 5 weeks
Guides/Instructors:  Sylvia Brallier
Investment:  See below for all options
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  5 weeks with a module released each week

Learn techniques to keep your energy clear and free. This is particularly helpful for highly sensitive people who tend to take on the energies and emotional states of others. It is also a huge asset for people who are in the healing fields, for people who are constantly interacting with others in stressful situations and for those who are regularly dealing with “difficult people.”

The Energy Clearing course is offered to you through a mix of written lessons and instructional videos. There are five lessons, one a week for five weeks. This course not only shows you how to keep your energy clear and grounded, but it also helps you to get some traction on the incompletes you have that likely are draining your energy.


The benefits of this Energy Clearing Course:

  • Experience a sense of “lightness” and well being.
  • Gain a greater clarity
  • Develop a stronger sense of discernment.
  • Know “what is you,” and “what is not you”
  • Stop being distracted from your purpose by people around you.
  • Gain greater self knowledge
  • Become more aligned with yourself and your goals.
  • Have greater peace no matter what is going on around you.
  • Have more love, less drama
  • Enjoy better health

In order to have mental and emotional clarity, your energy body needs to be clear. When you are burdened down by dense vibrations that are either externally or internally based, your clarity can be obscured. Spiritual clarity is usually accompanied by energetic lightness. Energetic lightness is achieved by both spiritual and mundane means. Through performing these clearing exercises, you can achieve spiritual lightness and thus are more likely to be able to enjoy spiritual clarity and a sense of health and well being.

“This Energetic Cleaning Course has been amazing. I feel very much in the now, in myself, and not pulled around. I didn’t realize what ties I had, how strong they were, and what they held me too. I have this feeling that I can now go in any direction. I feel that the right direction will now open wide.” ~ A.L.

Energy Clearing Course with Sylvia Brallier on Mystery School of the Goddess

About Your Guide, Sylvia Brallier:

Sylvia BrallierSylvia Brallier is an award winning author and personal growth educator who specializes in the relationship between the body, mind and spirit Her work is based on her own experiences with both ancient and new techniques for the evolution of consciousness and the development of emotional intelligence.

Her loving and wise approach to personal transformation has been instrumental in changing many lives. She is a master at the art of helping people overcome their limitations with impeccability, kindness and humor.  She shares her fine tuned wisdom in seminars, books, online courses, private sessions and retreats in exotic locales.

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  1. Jinnie says:

    This is good information, thank you.

  2. caroline says:

    Wow! That is what I’m looking for right now! Is there a closing date to sign up?

    • Kimberly Moore - Priestess & Founder says:

      HI Caroline! This is a self-paced course so you may sign up anytime. It is a really fantastic course! xo Kimberly


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