Moon Magic Spells with Renee Starr Free Course {OPEN}

Course Title: Moon Magic Spells Free Mini Course
Format:  Self Study – you may begin at anytime
Guides/Instructors: Renee Starr
Investment:  FREE
Registration: on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length:  3 modules – open access (all material is available immediately)

Often called ‘The Great Mother Moon’, the silvery orb in the night sky is a strong mother archetype that we can call upon for guidance and direction, and whose essence we can ‘draw down’ to earth for wisdom, healing, inspiration, balance…and magic. In this FREE mini course, you will learn to work magically with essence of the moon and the four elements of earth, air, fire and water. Use this course to manifest your deepest desires and most precious wishes for love, abundance and success in all areas of your life.

Magic is the natural and innate ability that you possess to gather towards you all of the subtle, unseen forces of the universe and direct them to affect your path in life, the wellbeing of your body, the will of your mind and the depth of your emotions—and often to affect the outcome of most circumstances. Whenever I am working magically, I can feel the energies moving through me, as me. I can feel the flow of nature, the power of the universe and the essence of the planets—most especially the moon…and you’ll learn to experience this, too.

One of the most traditional ways to practice magic is to cast a ‘spell’, which is a form of prayer, intention and focus. A spell is usually written, but it can also simply be something that is said aloud with intention, such as when we say ‘And, so it is’, and it can be both written and spoken aloud for even more power.


Here in this course you will learn very easy and simple ways to cast a magical moon spell using three power phases of the moon; dark, new and full, along with the associations of the four elements; earth, air, fire and water.

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