Matangi-Tantric Goddess of Creative and Erotic Power ~ A Teaching by Laura Amazzone

Event Title: Matangi -Tantric Goddess of Creative and Erotic Power
Format: Audio and Visual Voice Thread Lecture
Guides/Instructors: Laura Amazzone
Investment: $25
Registration: Register on Mystery School of the Goddess
Length: approximately 45 minutes

Discover the qualities, energies and mythology of Matangi–one of the ten tantric wisdom Goddesses in the Shakta Tantra and Sri Vidya traditions in this audio and visual presentation. Matangi is an expression of freedom, joy, bliss and beauty! She will help you remember your untameable essence and experience a deeper connection with Nature and your sexual and creative powers. She will help clear your mind and show you how to embrace the wild beauty of your body, and more!

This presentation is from a course Laura taught online in the Yoga Philosophy Program at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. Laura offers a guided visualization and meditation in the beginning of this presentation, followed by about 45 minutes of information and images (collected from over fifteen years of intensive research and personal experience and devotion) on the powers, qualities, symbols, myth and more related to Matangi, wild tantric Goddess of the Forest!

Tuning into Matangi’s energies will:

  • help you to experience a deeper connection with nature and the natural rhythms of life
  • support you in breaking free from conventional norms and traditions that feel oppressive or restrictive
  • inspire you to live a wilder and more creative and erotic life
  • bring you in touch with the ancient power and deep wisdom of your menstrual cycle (whether you are still menstruating or holding your blood)
  • inspire you to embrace your sexuality both within relationships as well as in periods of celibacy
  •  teach you about matriarchal values
  •  help clear and free the mind from negative thinking and limited beliefs
  •  purify and inspire your thinking and speech
  •  bring eloquence and articulation to all forms of communication
  •  help you remember the wild roots of your natural essence

and more!

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Laura Amazzone, M.A. is an author, teacher, intuitive healer, and priestess. She is the author of the award-winning book, “Goddess Durga and Sacred Female Power”. Much of her work focuses on the history and ritual practices of the Shakta Tantric tradition; however, she also enjoys sharing her depth of knowledge on Goddesses from cultures around the world. Laura offers a diverse array of teachings, rituals, spiritual practices, pilgrimages and retreats that promote spiritual empowerment and divine embodiment. She lives in Venice, California and offers teachings and intuitive sessions both in person or via phone or skype.

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Matangi - Tantric Goddess of Creative and Erotic Power by Laura Amazzone Mystery School of the Goddess

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  1. Carol Brigid says:

    Will this be given on a certain date and time, or will it be a self-paced do it on your own course? Thank you! I am going to sign up, definitely!

    • kimadminmsg says:

      HI Carol! This is a single lecture and you can sign up and take whenever you like and as many times as you like!

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